(Key West, FL)—Eliminating bothersome wrinkles and repairing sun-damaged skin without the use of painful injections has been a goal of cosmetic dermatologists for years. Recent advances in cosmetic laser dermatology are now available as a result of breakthrough technology from Cutera, a worldwide leader in the surgical, medical and aesthetic pulsed-light and laser marketplace.

“We’re effectively hitting the reset button and reversing the signs of aging for our patients—it’s very exciting,” says Dr. Scott Loessin with The Key West Institute for Plastic Surgery.

Cutera XEO’s  anti-aging skin rejuvenation fractional laser system is now proving to be the gold standard in the cosmetic laser dermatology market. “We are now able to help our patients reduce wrinkles, treat scars and improve overall skin texture, pigmentation and redness, with virtually no downtime,” says Dr. Loessin. “The Affirm laser system is so advanced, we can now offer patients a complete skin rejuvenation solution that is better and faster than anything else available,” he/she adds.

Affirm anti-aging lasers employ micro-pulses of light that stimulates and remodels the skins own natural collagen production, allowing physicians to achieve optimal results without the use of painful injections. “When used properly, the Cutera XEO  is ideal for improving the texture and appearance of photo-aged skin,” explains Dr. Loessin.

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