The first time I considered a face-lift I visited a Light-Up My Life clinic in Fort Lauder-dale, Fl. I wasn’t satisfied with not being able to talk with a doctor. I was greeted by a lady in white coat. My husband, my mother and myself sat through a presentation of how it would be at their establishment. I was quoted a price and left.

I started my computer research about these face-lifts and was not happy with what I was reading or learning. Meanwhile, they kept calling asking when I was coming in for my face-lift. I was petrified and didn’t want to have them touch my face no matter how many wrinkles I had.

Shortly after that experience I found through Facebook a real plastic surgeon and as I was reading daily their procedures and viewing the customers reviews. I thought I had finally found the right way to get a face-lift. Of course, not knowing or have gone through the face-lift at that time I was not aware of just how it was going to be impractical as I would have to travel back and forth to Miami, Fl. to visit the DR.

My husband, Tom, mentioned that we had a new Plastic Surgeon in town and I should save myself all that travel and visit him before making a final decision. I agreed and found a newspaper where I could find the new DR in town and where he was located.

I quickly made an appointment in October 2013 and met with DR Scott Lossein and his lovely wife, Caroline. Upon my arrival the DR was very cordial and professional. He answered my questions and we set up an appointment for the surgery which was to take place in our local hospital which, by the way, was in the same town where I was living. There were to be no additional expenses in travel. DR Loessin would take care of the entire procedure with hospital staff assisting him.

I arrived the day of surgery and was taken to a hospital room to dress for surgery. Shortly afterward was taken downstairs to operating room. Met with nurses and two DR’s. My treatment was so good I didn’t remember entering the surgery room. After 4 hrs it was all over and I was returned to my room. Of course, I was awake so I knew what was going on at that point. The DR had done such a good job THERE WAS NO PAIN. I left hospital to return home to start healing process. I was issued 2 prescriptions from the beginning and those pills carried me through any pain i had. They were so good and not too strong.

One thing I followed the DR’s orders to the tee and that is why my procedure went so well after surgery. DR Loessin was very plain as to what and what I could and not do.

For 5 weeks I visited DR Loessin and his wife Caroline at their office. My husband, Tom, always accompanied me for moral support when It was time to remove staples and sutures

DR Loessin is a very caring person and will work with you in what ever your needs turn out to be. He spent an enormous amount of his time each time I visited and never left me to struggle on my own after the surgery. He was always there for me.

Through years of sickness and health problems my face had started looking I had been run hard and put away wet. I was a wrinkled 69 year-old lady looking for some help. He fixed my problem and am sure he will be able to help all those who visit him.