Patients Traveling to Key West

Key West is a premier destination that attracts travelers worldwide for its beautiful weather and sunsets. Our patients travel to Key West for stunning results, the highest level of expertise and experience, and an ideal place for recovery. They leave the island and return home looking years younger.

If you are traveling to Key West for a procedure with Dr. Loessin, you will be welcomed by year-round warm weather and extended first-class accommodations and care. The island epitomizes casual elegance, perhaps the perfect blend for recovery from a cosmetic procedure.

Double-board certified Dr. Loessin calls Key West home and performs all surgical procedures at Lower Keys Medical Center, a Top-Performer, Joint-Commission accredited hospital. Dr. Loessin is an independent member of the medical staff at Lower Keys Medical Center. He performs non-surgical procedures like Laser and injectables in the Key West Institute for Plastic Surgery. Instead of having Laser procedures performed elsewhere by an aesthetic technician, your procedure is performed by a dual-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

While the island has a Caribbean feel, you have the security and reassurance of knowing you are receiving the highest standards of care in the United States, unlike other destinations outside of the U.S. Countries including Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Panama, Dominican Republic, and Argentina have all become popular for destination surgery due to their warm and beautiful climate, however traveling outside the U.S. is risky considering the doctor will most likely not be board certified and the hospital will not be accredited. Dr. Loessin is board certified in both plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery and uses a board certified anesthesiologist. His safety standards are unparalleled.

Depending upon the type of procedure you undergo and your length of stay, you may choose to partake in some of the many things to do on the island. Or, you may prefer to lounge poolside at a luxury resort or read a book on the balcony of a historic inn. Some procedures like Laser or injectable treatments require little to no down time, so you may take advantage of world-class dining, shopping, art galleries, and entertainment.

Key West is an island city rich in history and culture. Many flock to the Southernmost City to stay in a quintessential Key West bed and breakfast to get a sense of island life. One such icon is the Curry Mansion, a luxurious, stately property in the island’s historic district. Deluxe rooms are offered to our patients at a special rate of $325/night. If you would like full-service accommodations including room service, there are many luxury brand resorts and hotels.

On our 2x4-mile island, everything is within walking distance, and it is a breeze to get around town. The Key West Institute for Plastic Surgery is less than a 10-minute drive from Key West International Airport. There are many direct flights, and the major airlines that fly to Key West include American Airlines, American Eagle, Delta, ExpressJet, jetBlue, Republic Airways, Silver Airways, United and U.S. Airways.

Finance options are available.

Long-distance, Free Consultations for Traveling Patients

We are glad to arrange long-distance, free consultations for out-of-town patients. To schedule a long-distance consultation, which we can arrange via Skype, call the office at 305-809-8011 or e-mail the office at We will need to know the type of procedure you are considering, when you are thinking of undergoing your procedure or treatment, and for how long you can be in Key West.

Length of Stay in Key West

Different procedures require different (minimum) lengths of stay. Please remember that individual requirements are based on factors including age and overall health.

Photographs Request

Dr. Loessin will need to review photographs of the areas of interest. These are most commonly sent by e-mail but can also be sent by FedEx or other post. Once we receive the photographs, we can schedule a telephone or Skype consultation with Dr. Loessin. There are different views of the areas that Dr. Loessin will need to evaluate before having a meaningful conversation about the procedure.

  • Facial photographs: should include front and side views, as well as a close-up view of the eyes. The entire head should be visible down to the base of the neck.
  • Breast photographs: should include a front view and oblique view (45 degrees from front) of each side. Each view should ideally go from the lower neck with complete shoulders, down to the umbilicus (belly button).
  • Abdominal photographs: views (front and side) should include the entire abdomen from the bottom of the breasts to the upper thighs. If possible, also include a view with hands and arms stretched straight upward.
  • Liposuction photographs: views should extend from the bottom of the breasts to the knees and include front and back views and side views, if possible.

After the Consultation

Once Dr. Loessin receives the photographs, he will analyze them with his patient coordinator. At that time, you will be provided with surgical fees, scheduling details, as well as accommodations, and if needed, private duty nursing. All patients who are flying long distances and are scheduled to undergo a procedure must arrive in Key West at least one day prior to the procedure.

You will need to have someone drive you to surgery, pick you up, and stay with you for 24 hours after surgery (there are a few operations that necessitate someone stay with you for 3 or 4 days). If this is not possible, please notify our patient coordinator, and transportation services, as well as overnight nursing services will be arranged for you. Taxi services are allowable after the first 24 hours.

We Are Here For You

Keeping in touch with you is extremely important to us, as your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We would like to see you whenever you are traveling to Key West, but we understand how difficult this can be for the out-of-town patient. We are happy to individualize your post-operative visits. Some of our international patients e-mail photos after surgery. Always contact our office with any questions you may have.

Important Note

Dr. Loessin may request medical records, tests, or medical clearance from your physician prior to your surgery. If any of these items are requested, our office must receive them 2 full weeks prior to your surgery date. Your safety is always our top priority.

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