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Now offering Labiaplasty in office!

This high demand, simple gynecological procedure restores confidence, comfort, and sexuality to your intimate area.

Labiaplasty (Labia reduction) is a reconstructive surgery that removes excess and/or uneven labial tissue from the labia minora (i.e. vaginal lips). Enlarged or elongated (hanging) labia minora, known as labial hypertrophy, are the result of genetics, puberty, the aging process, or childbirth.  Labiaplasty restores confidence and self-esteem to women who are self-conscious about the appearance of their labia minora (vaginal lips).


Recovery After Labiaplasty

After Labiaplasty surgery there will be some mild discomfort and swelling. Ibuprofen and ice should do the job to alleviate those symptoms. You can expect 80% of the swelling to subside by the end of the first week. The remaining swelling should be gone by 6 weeks.You should be able to return to normal activities after 4 weeks. No sexual intercourse in the first three weeks. It is not recommended to shower on the same day after surgery like any other surgery. Although, it is recommended to flush the area with water every time you use the bathroom. You can use a shower handle or a bottle of water. Use baby wipes to pat dry the area. Apply bacitracin ointment to the incision after the process. Purchase of pant liners are necessary to absorb any oozing that the incision may cause. You may decide to go without undergarments while you are recovering from Labiaplasty; for instance when you are at home or when you go to bed. This will speed healing by the decrease of humidity to the area.

Sometimes enlarged labia cause discomfort during exercise or intercourse. They can be uncomfortable and/or visible when women wear tightly fitted clothing or bathing suits. Labiaplasty surgery resolves any issues with irritation, rubbing, hanging lips, visibility and embarrassment during intimacy. After a Labiaplasty, sensation to the vaginal area is often improved since there are no flaps of extra skin in the way.

A new trend in grooming has been on the rise because of the overwhelming popularity of Brazilian waxing. There has been a real change in the aesthetic of the vagina. This change has been seen in both younger and more mature women.

Dr. Loessin’s Labiaplasty procedure utilizes the trim method (strip method) which is the most commonly used method to reduce the length of the labia. This method produces the best results for patients looking to remove darker, longer edges of the labia. Labiaplasty typically takes only 1 hour under local anesthesia.

The total cost for the Labiaplasty procedure in office is $2,999.00. This includes the use of the facility and anesthesia fees, and all office follow up visits for one year. Financing is available.

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