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Breast Lift

As women age and bear children, their breasts may begin to sag, droop, or otherwise lose their shape. A breast lift is a great option for women who have lost the natural elasticity in their skin. Women with smaller breasts tend to experience longer-lasting results, but larger-breasted women can also benefit from a breast lift.

Dr. Loessin has been performing breast lift plastic surgery for over twenty years. Breast lift surgery elevates sagging breasts and makes them firmer and tighter by removing excess skin, raising the remaining skin and tissue, and repositioning the nipples. During standard breast lift surgery, Dr. Loessin makes incisions around the nipple, down to the underside of the breast, and around the crease of the breast. He then repositions the nipple and areola and trims any excess skin.

There are many reasons why breast lift plastic surgery is performed, including:

  • Correct asymmetries
  • Decrease breast size
  • Elevate the nipple areola complex (nipples are positioned downward)
  • Restore the shape of breasts after pregnancy, nursing, and/or weight changes

Breast lift surgery helps patients achieve a more attractive, feminine shape and contour, and creates more proportionate areolas. For women who want to add fullness to their bust, a breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation surgery at Dr. Loessin’s practice in Key West, FL.

Like any other procedure the risks for mastopexy are lessened if you are physically healthy and a non-smoker. In addition, it is crucial that you have a positive outlook and specific, but realistic, goals.

Mastopexy – Frequently Asked Questions

Usually 2 hours are needed for breast lift surgery. Time requirements can vary from case to case specially if it is done in conjunction with another procedure.

The side effects from breast lift surgery can include temporary discomfort, bruising, and swelling. Breasts may be temporarily numb and the skin may be dry. All patients wear a surgical bra home from surgery and have dressings over the incisions for about 2-3 weeks.

Breast lift plastic surgery results can last permanently. However, aging, gravity, and weight changes can also alter the results and create a need for eventual breast lift revision.

To learn more about breast lift surgery, contact the Key West office of board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Loessin. During your consultation, Dr. Loessin will evaluate your breasts to determine if a breast lift procedure is appropriate for you or if a simple breast augmentation would be a better surgical option. Dr. Loessin will discuss the eventual breast shape and size, and give you an idea of what you can realistically expect after your breast surgery. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Loessin, please call 305-809-8011.