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Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Loessin performs breast reconstruction surgery on women who have undergone a mastectomy or breast removal surgery, which greatly improves their self-image and the quality of their lives.

Breast reconstructive surgery typically involves breast implants to recreate the shape, size, and feel of a natural breast, which board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Loessin will strive to make look and feel as natural as possible. Dr. Loessin can even recreate the nipple, using skin from another area of the body and tattooing it to look like a natural nipple and areola.

As with all of his other surgeries, Dr. Loessin explores each option for breast reconstruction cases with each patient individually, carefully considering her health and the results she is hoping to achieve.

It is important for women to know that the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 requires all health insurance companies to cover reconstruction surgery of the breast on which mastectomy has been performed.

Breast Reconstruction – Frequently Asked Questions

When should you undergo breast reconstruction plastic surgery?

There are two paths to choose from when deciding when to have reconstructive breast surgery:

There are two paths to choose from when deciding when to have reconstructive breast surgery:

  •  Immediate breast reconstruction (begins at the time of the mastectomy)
  •  Delayed breast reconstruction (may begin weeks, months, or even years after a mastectomy)

Reconstructing the breast immediately following the mastectomy avoids additional operations and general anesthesia at a later date. Furthermore, the breast reconstructive process is generally easier due to the absence of scar tissue from prior surgeries with the breast skin retaining the size and shape of the original breast.

Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Loessin can work with the surgeon who performs the mastectomy to help plan the best surgical approach in order to allow for the most natural appearing results as possible.

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